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Intro to Rocky Road Program



Introduction to Rocky Road Program

For Children and Young People


The Rocky Road Program is based on the Anglicare SA KidsAreFirst Banana Splitz Program.

It has been designed for children and young people between the ages of 7 and 12 years who are living with parental separation. The aim of the program is to teach children skills they can use to cope with changes in the family when parents separate or divorce, to build communication between children and their parents, and to provide parents with information they can use to help their children.

Rocky Road offers a chance for children and young people to:

  • be supported in their journey
  • adjust to separation/divorce
  • express their thoughts and feelings
  • let others know what they need

Themes for the 5 unit program include:

  • What’s happening to my family?
  • What’s happening to me?
  • My feelings
  • I am not alone
  • Ways to keep moving forward


Our fee is $30 per child which is inclusive of all services offered as part of the group program. Children are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and take away with them a gift bag at the end of the two day program. The fee for the program can be waived upon discussion at intake and assessment.

Registration Process:

Prior to a child attending a group, a worker will conduct an Introductory Interview with the parent(s), to ascertain the child’s needs and discuss the group program. Interview sessions will last for 30 minutes to an hour for parents. Issues covered will include safety and confidentiality, with information also provided on other services that may be of interest.

Although it is not mandatory, we prefer both parents’ consent to the child’s participation in the program. A copy of the current Parenting Orders is also requested at the Introductory Interview.

Inquires: If you have further questions about the Rocky Road Program for children and young people you can phone Mandy Goodland on 8649 4367 or Leonard Lester on 8641 0432.