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Financial Counselling

Centacare Catholic Country SA Financial Counselling is a free and confidential service offering support, assistance and education in situations where financial issues may be causing concern.

Could financial counselling help you?

 Do you spend more money than you get and find it difficult to save?
Are you struggling to make ends meet?
Are you receiving phone calls/letters from banks/creditors demanding payment?
Do you find you have no money left at the end of each pay period?
Don’t think you have the confidence to make a payment plan yourself?
Does your level of debt worry you?
Is money causing worry and stress in your life?
Would you like to gain control of your finances?

Financial Counselling could help you to:

Learn different ways to spend and save money
Prepare personal and family budgets
Talk to creditors and negotiate payment plans
Reduce financial stress
Choose options to reduce debts
Make appropriate referrals
Explore bankruptcy options
Provide financial education
Assist you to apply for the Eyre Peninsula No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS)

Member of the Energy Partners Program - An Initiative of the Government of South Australia

For further informaiton contact your local Centacare Catholic Country SA office, or visit the MoneySmart Website. A FREE, easy to use budget planning tool can be found on the MoneySmart website. Click here to access the budget planner.

Energy Made Easy

Energy Made Easy is an Australian Government website maintained by the Australian Energy Regulator. The aim of Energy Made Easy is to help residential and small business energy consumers to navigate the often complex electricity and gas retail markets to find a suitable energy offer. The website also allows you to understand and compare your residential electricity usage against other similar households living in their area and to learn about energy related topics such as energy efficiency, contracts, bills, your rights and obligations, and the energy market. To visit the website click here.

 Wyatt Grants

Wyatt’s financial assistance grants provide small one-off grants to eligible South Australian individuals and families for essential domestic goods and services including utility bills, rental or mortgage arrears, removals, essential household furniture or second-hand white goods, where an application can show that the item is essential, that other options have been explored and that a small, one-off grant will make a significant difference..

Wyatt’s Financial Assistance Grants aim to assist applicants to regain control of a household budget or stabilise a housing situation. Wyatt acknowledges that managing financial obligations on a fixed, low income is challenging, and that a targeted small grant can make a significant difference in the lives of financially vulnerable South Australians.

Wyatt’s funding is focused on
• Low income families struggling to manage household budgets, education and housing;
• People experiencing illness or disability which limits employment;
• Young people with limited opportunities for education and employment;
• Carers on low incomes experiencing financial hardship and social exclusion; and
• Older people with limited financial resources.

Summer Cooling Guide

Knowing how to keep homes cool in summer while reducing the need for cooling appliances can help people lower their energy costs.

Our new four page Summer Cooling Guide will help people understand the different cooling appliances available and their hourly running costs, minimise their energy costs and stay cool and comfortable during summer.

The guide also includes information about cooling homes more effectively, reducing energy use and ways to keep safe and healthy during extreme heat.

If you would like copies of the guide please email cassie.beattie@sa.gov.au with details.

Website to Educate Mobile Users

This new website by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) provides mobile users with practical tips and answers to everyday questions about mobile telecommunications. The information includes tips for buying a mobile phone, avoiding bill shock, safety and much more.


Social Media

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Financial Counselling in a Nutshell

Source: Financial Counselling Australia

How can Financial Counselling help you

Source: Financial Counselling Australia

Doing it Tough?

For some of us, it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet. If you feel like you’re losing control of your finances, feeling financially squeezed or having trouble meeting your credit card or loan repayments, then this website is for you.

Perhaps your financial situation or personal circumstances have changed. This may be because of an unexpected event or unforseen changes outside your control. For example, maybe:

  • Your hours at work have been reduced, or you've lost your job altogether?
  • You or someone in your family is sick and you need to pay unexpected medical bills?
  • You're going through a relationship breakdown?

Read more here.

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