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Foster Care and Respite

Foster care is a voluntary service enabling the care for children who are unable to live with their own parents to have a safe home within their own community.

Fostering is about working with the Department for Child Protection to help another family through a difficult time. It may be overnight or until the child becomes independent.

Foster Carers will need to have:

  • Warmth and sensitivity to reassure and care for children and young people
  • Commitment to actively support the children/young people’s links with their birth family
  • A team spirit to work with other people from various organisations
  • Stable and adequate accommodation, relationships and environment
  • Flexibility to see things from another point of view and be able to adapt own parenting style, daily program and expectations for others

Types of foster care provided by Centacare Catholic Country SA are:

Emergency Care
Carers who provide emergency care can be contacted at short notice at any time of the day. This type of care is required when urgently need somewhere to stay.
Duration: Overnight - up to 2 weeks

Short Term Care
This type of care gives birth-families some time to manage a difficult issue before their child can return home. At the end of the period the child/young person may return to their family or be placed into long term care.
Duration: 2 weeks – up to 2 years

Long Term Care
For some children, returning to their parents or family is not possible. Long term care is provided until family circumstances change or until they turn 18 years of age or beyond.

Respite Care
This type of care involves having a child in your care for short stays, such as a regular weekend, school holidays, or one off overnight stays. Respite provides long term foster carers with a break, but is also important for children to have new experiences and establish other significant relationships.
Foster carers are reimbursed for the basic costs of caring for a child. This is calculated on the basis of the child’s age and the presence of any special needs


Therapeutic Care
Carers provide a therapeutic home environment for children with high and complex needs. Intensive support and training is provided, and there are attractive financial incentives.


Foster carers are reimbursed for the basic costs of caring for a child. This is calculated on the basis of the child’s age and the presence of any special needs.

Foster carers are required to participate in in mandatory training sessions regularly, and will be reviewed annuallyto assess their training and support needs, and ability to continue fostering.

The Department for Child Protection has the legal responsibility for registration approval of all foster families and for determining whether or not a child needs foster care.

Centacare Catholic Country SA is funded by the Department for Child Protection to recruit, assess, train and support foster carers.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer or would like further information please contact your local Centacare Catholic Country SA office (contact details below), or email your enquiry along with your name and contact details to fostercareenquiries@centacarecdpp.org.au.


For more information regarding the Office of Guardian for Children and Young People, please click here



"Centacare Catholic Family Services Country SA. endorses the Charter of Rights for children and young people in care"

Charter of Rights for Children


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